3 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 25: Lethal Triad Trauma Class Video”

  1. Sir,
    Thank you for the legal triad refresher! As an Army Physician I really appreciate the brevity of this type of educational material that packs a knowledge punch.

    On the subject of acidemia, in the absence of whole blood transfusion would you recommend using either Lactated Ringer or Plasmalyte OVER abnormal sodium chloric acid? I mean, “normal” saline?

    Overwhelming majority of medical professionals, including combat medics AND critical care intensivists, have no clue that so-called “normal” saline has a pH of 5.5. Per human physiology, not only will this crystalloid worsen existing acidemia, it will also cause hyperkalemia as a result of Hydrogen-Potassium cellular transport. The cells themselves will participate in regulating blood pH by taking in one Hydrogen and pumping out one Potassium as this also balances out the charge difference.

    By the way, Lactated Ringer has a pH 6.8 and Plasmalyte 7.4.

    Appreciate the educational material! Please keep up the great work!

    Doc Who (My last name has the same pronunciation)

    1. Thank you for the feedback. Yes, I would say most medical professionals roll their eyes and go to sleep just mentioning acid/base balance, however they are missing a important piece of the equation. If I had to choose a crystalloid in this situation it would be plasmalyte, then LR, and very last would be NS 0.9%. None of them carry oxygen and all are going to dilute the buffering capacity, but Plasmalyte is the least bad choice in my opinion. In an up coming podcast I talk to Dr. Cap about fluids and Resus and talk about this very concept. Hope you enjoy it.

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