Welcome to Prolonged Field Care

After extensive cooperation and collaboration with operational medics and Docs at home and abroad, we continue to see that there is a clear desire to improve patient care by incorporating or improving Prolonged Field Care.  The following should be viewed like a checklist to help jump start any tactical medical program to accommodate

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Photo by DJ Struntz

Podcast #14 Analgesia Case Discussion Follow Up and a Word on Emerging PTSD Research

Just snow your patient with ketamine and versed to prevent PTSD right?  Maybe not.  While talking through some more analgesia and sedation strategies, Doc Powell shares his thoughts on what he has read recently and it might blow your mind.  It did mine and

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SFMS / SOCM Prolonged Field Care Card


This is the newest version (v18) of the single page Prolonged Field Care Card.  It is in use in both the Special Forces Medical Sergeant (SFMS) Course as well as the Special Operations Combat Medic Course (SOCM) at the Joint Special Operations Medical Training Center (JSOMTC) at Fort Bragg.  Print it out, laminate it and stick it in the back of your aid bag.  It takes up almost no space and weight and it’ll be there for you when you run out of space on your TCCC card.

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Prolonged Field Care/ISR Clinical Practice Guideline on Crush Injury

The Prolonged Field Care(PFC) Working Group has been working hand in hand with the US Army Institute Of Surgical Research(USAISR) and the Joint Trauma System (JTS) for almost a year in writing and editing new guidelines for medics and providers who may have to take care of casualties for longer than normal planning guidelines in resource constrained environments.  This could be Continue reading