Podcast 129: Combat Medic Arctic Trauma Course

In this episode Dennis talks with Brett and Sean about the Combat Medic Arctic Course based in Alaska, the Siberia Drill and other lessons learned from working in extremely low temps. They also discuss the unique challenges and considerations involved in providing medical care in extreme cold weather conditions. They cover topics such as hypothermia, fr

Podcast 128: Traumatic Cardiac Arrest With Doug

In this podcast, the Dennis and Doug discuss the challenges of treating traumatic cardiac arrest in the field… and the importance of early intervention to improve outcomes. They also cover various topics such as identifying reversible causes, utilizing resuscitative thoracotomy, and managing hypovolemia. They…

A Grassroots Approach to Building National Resilience for Comprehensive Defense, Deterrence and Crisis Response

The foundation of comprehensive defense and deterrence is a trained populace who are willing and able to respond during times of crisis.



PFC and The Surgical Team Deficit

Surgical Deficit

Prolonged Care and Technology: A PFC Op-Ed

Integrating Tech

Haven’t we always done PFC?

Is PFC “New?”

Improvised Field Medicine Shopping List for the Austere Clinician

Improvised Med

Prolonged Casualty Care for All

PCC Guidelines

RAVINES: A Practical Approach to PFC

RAVINES: A Practical Approach top PFC

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