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How can we get cold stored O-Low Titer blood farther forward on deployments?
Monti is a former army medic who has multiple rotations in Afghanistan and Iraq. He is now part of Delta development, which created a battery-powered blood refrigerator that can store blood between 1 and 6 degrees Celsius, which is vital for prolonged field care. The device can keep blood for up to 10 days on battery power and has a temperature log for easy record-keeping. The goal is to push blood forward to the front lines and eventually back to role three to ensure that blood is available when needed.

If you were not able to make it, or had to leave early and missed the last talk of SOMSA 2023 here is your chance to catch our own presentation of SOMSA 2023 before SOMA posts it and others in the coming months…

The title of this presentation is Prolonged Field Care Across the Spectrum of Irregular War. First a quick review of PFC vs PCC and then on to an opinion on simplifying the complexities of building capacity for IW med support.

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