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Dennis and Josh discuss ventilator training on the PFC Podcast. Josh, a former ranger medic now working in a level one ICU, shares insights. They emphasize the importance of proper ventilation in the field and address common mistakes, like setting inappropriate rates that lead to patient agitation. Josh advises cautious opioid use, balancing sedation with patient needs. They delve into adjusting PEEP, flow, and waveform, emphasizing patient synchronization. Josh highlights the significance of addressing pain, resuscitation, and lung disease simultaneously. He clarifies end-tidal CO2 readings and the role of kidneys in metabolic acidosis. Josh also stresses IV maintenance and patient assessment.

Dennis interviews Thomas Trust Have, a former Danish Special Forces soldier turned doctor, discussing the challenges of providing medical care in Arctic environments. Thomas emphasizes the extreme conditions, highlighting a hypothetical scenario involving a special operations team enduring frigid temperatures and harsh winds. He underscores the importance of preparation, teamwork, and proper gear in these situations. Thomas also addresses medical considerations such as tourniquet use, fluid warming, and the complexity of providing care in cold conditions. The episode sheds light on the unique challenges faced by healthcare providers in remote, freezing environments.

Dennis welcomes his friend PAC to discuss “S-Ketamine.” PAC, an anesthetist with extensive experience, shares insights on using it in various medical settings including his experience in providing medical care during the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. He highlights its potential advantages, such as improved analgesia and reduced hallucinogenic effects in mid-doses.

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