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Today, we’ve got Brett, a paramedic legend from El Paso County CO Search and Rescue. The mountains? Tricky business. One moment it’s beach weather, the next it’s a frigid winter wonderland – and that’s in the summer! Know what you’re packing; it’s not a weekend getaway!

PFC Podcast episode 150: Dennis and Alex, dive into ETCO2 and the Emma Capnograph. Dennis chats with Alex, who’s had a colorful career, from being a 68 Whiskey and a paramedic to now working with Massimo. They discuss the Emma capnograph, a handy gadget that monitors exhaled CO2. It’s essential to…

Today’s podcast is part one of a chat with Aebhric O’Kelly the founder and Dean Emeritus of the College of Remote and Offshore Medicine (COROM) about Improvised medicine. I will be the first to say, as cool as it is to learn Improvised techniques, this is an emergency plan, not a way to lighten your ruck. We run through items for MARCH and principles to apply to this problem. This is only part one, so plenty more in the next episode, when we go through PFC and improvised gear.

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