Podcast Episode 33: TIVA: Another Look at Pre-Hospital Analgesia and Sedation

Rick Hines has spent the last 20+ years in service to his country much of it deployed to combat zones and other unstable, austere environments and is dedicated to improving SOF Medicine.  He made it a point to spend a fair amount of time…

Podcast Episode 31: CBRN for Dummies By COL Missy Givens

In this live recording, guest lecturer COL Missy Givens shares the CBRNe knowledge she has learned while working as a clinical toxicologist, among many other positions, around the world including as the SOCAFRICA Command Surgeon where she personally helped prepare members of 10th SFG(A) to…

Analgesia and Sedation JTS/PFC Clinical Practice Guideline

TheJoint Trauma System joined up with us and several of our working group members to bring you this, our third CPG, for PFC.As with every PFC CPG, this is the time that goes beyond TCCC. With this specific CPG you are expected to provide…

Podcast Episode 16: Sedation

Being able to calm and sedate patient in operational or prolonged field care situations may be a valuable skill.  Here are our thoughts on sedating your patients when patient comfort and safety are an issue?

Deployment Downloads

Pre-deployment checklists, cheat sheets and other resources now updated!  Everything I am posting below could help anyone who finds themselves

How to make labels to practice Medication administration:

Prolonged Field Care

GSW to Lower Extremity: PFC Case Discussion 7

Our case discussions are provided to get you, the medic or provider, to think about treatment and logistical issues.  The following case is a ‘simple’ scenario constructed to get you thinking about long term pain control

Podcast Episode 13: Ketamine and Pharmacology SOMSA 2016 Pre Conference Lab Talk

Effectively taking away pain can be one of the most important things you can do as a medic. It will enable you to

Podcast Episodes 9 &10: Scott Weingart SOMSA Podcasts on Ketamine for PFC

From Dr. David Lyness of Propofology.com

Scott Weingart, of EMCrit fame, was gracious enough to do a two-part, flipped classroom presentation on the use of ketamine since he pushes the drug on a daily basis for a wide variety of applications.

Podcast Episode 7: Part 4 of the Pharm Series… Ketamine and PFC

This podcast is a direct result from questions, comments and emails we have received along the way.  It helps to clear up some confusion and explain some of the recommendations the working group first made in February of 2014.  Justin begins the episode by…

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