Podcast (video) Episode 34: Telemedicine to Reduce Medical Risk in Austere environments

Telemedical consult is one of the most important core capabilities in a prolonged field care situation.

Telemedicine is a crucial capability that must be planned and practiced. The base of knowledge that a SOF medic’s knowledge encompasses includes many areas of medicine but generally lacks

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Podcast Episode 21: Optimizing Traumatic Ventilation

The Special Operations Medical Association Podcast on Prolonged Field Care is back with a new episode on a long awaited topic, traumatic ventilation.  We were finally able to corner a real, live anesthesiologist who was actually more than happy to sit down and talk about ventilation after his years of experience working at the heads of thousands of patients.  This episode starts right off with a difficult scenario discussion that includes a hypovolemic patient with a GSW to the pelvis, RR 35

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Position Paper – 10 Essential Core Capabilities for Prolonged Field Care

This post has been a long time coming.  This is where it began and may be the most important tool we have to offer.  This is the 10 Capabilities Position Paper revisited with the grid made easily available.  If you have read the position paper you know that everything we recommend is in the “Minimum, Better and Best” format.  Sometimes it’s equipment, others it’s training or experience.  Most of us on the ground may never reach the “Best” level but we can always strive to attend another course or seek out a professional to teach us our shortcoming or at the very least, be aware of “right.”  This is a huge step forward in anyone’s medical education, coming to the realization that you know what you don’t know.  Your ignorance at any level is a detriment to your patient’s health.    

This is how this all started, medics who care, seeking out smart guys to answer the burning questions tugging at their unconscious, knowing one day that they would be likely be called upon to answer it themselves in a time of crisis whether they had a solution or not.

10 capabilities grid

Click here to Download the Customizable 10 Essential Capabilities Grid

Click here to Download the PFC WG Position Paper – PFC Capabilities

or read it now below:

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