Podcast 136: Front Line Update from a Ukrainian Combat Medic

If you haven’t listened already, here is your reminder to check out the latest episode where Dennis interviews a current Ukrainian Medic, Anri. This podcast is for those who will be deploying to the frontlines in Ukraine, those who are training the Ukrainian Defenders in combat medicine, or those just trying to wrap their heads around how a modern medic would treat a casualty in a WWI scenario with muddy trenches, juxtaposed with constant drone observation, Starlink satellite internet comms and long-range precision munitions that cause massive tissue loss.

Podcast Episode 49: Set Up a Walking Blood Bank with Andy Fisher

When you can’t take Cold Stored whole blood with you and not all of your soldiers are titered, a walking blood bank can mean the difference between life and death for a patient in hemorrhagic shock.  With the mounting evidence suggesting early blood is essential and not just a good idea, you need to have a plan in order to hit the 30 minute target.  I have seen students struggle for hours trying to get access in both the patient and the donor.  An emphasis on early recognition and early access will save lives.

Podcast Episode 47: Andy Fisher and his Damage Control Resuscitation for Prolonged Field Care CPG

So what is different than what we already have in the THOR recommendations, the JTS DCR clinical Practice Guideline and the Ranger Regiment TDCR? No hextend?! Calcium with the 1st unit of blood?! TXA slow push?! What if the patient is not responding to…

Podcast Episode 36: ROLO to SOLO: The Logistics of Fresh Whole Blood Transfusion

A Special Operations Battalion Surgeon explains how to easily navigate the logistics of setting up a battalion wide blood transfusion program.

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