Podcast 134: Blood Storage with Monti

How can we get cold stored O-Low Titer blood farther forward on deployments?
Monti is a former army medic who has multiple rotations in Afghanistan and Iraq. He is now part of Delta development, which created a battery-powered blood refrigerator that can store blood between 1 and 6 degrees Celsius, which is vital for prolonged field care. The device can keep blood for up to 10 days on battery power and has a temperature log for easy record-keeping. The goal is to push blood forward to the front lines and eventually back to role three to ensure that blood is available when needed.

Podcast 133: PFC Update Recorded live from SOMSA 2023

If you were not able to make it, or had to leave early and missed the last talk of SOMSA 2023 here is your chance to catch our own presentation of SOMSA 2023 before SOMA posts it and others in the coming months…

The title of this presentation is Prolonged Field Care Across the Spectrum of Irregular War. First a quick review of PFC vs PCC and then on to an opinion on simplifying the complexities of building capacity for IW med support.

Podcast 132: Combat Anesthesia with Kevin Worth

Dennis and Kevin Worth talk about combat anesthesia. The podcast discusses the four pillars of anesthesia, which are..

Podcast 131: Dr. Ethan Miles on The Simple Thing That No One Does

COL (Ret) Ethan Miles MD joins Dennis to discuss the nuances of…

Podcast 130: PFC Chain of Survival Concept

MARCH-E-PAWS-B for TCCC algorithm RAVINES for PFC priorities of work PSNOT for the Chain of survival… Dennis introduces the Prolonged Field Care (PFC) Podcast 130, welcoming Alex as his guest speaker. Alex, Dan, and Rick are working on a project for the upcoming SOMSA,…

Podcast 129: Combat Medic Arctic Trauma Course

In this episode Dennis talks with Brett and Sean about the Combat Medic Arctic Course based in Alaska, the Siberia Drill and other lessons learned from working in extremely low temps. They also discuss the unique challenges and considerations involved in providing medical care in extreme cold weather conditions. They cover topics such as hypothermia, fr

Podcast Episode 100 and SOMSA-22

In the 100th Episode of the Prolonged Field Care Podcast Dennis sits down with Jamie, Sean and Paul to talk about the last 100 episodes and how prolonged field care evolved over the past 7 years from when the working group was established at SOMA 2013 in Tampa, FL.

Podcast Episode 94: We are Back

After some time to reorganize, restructure, and strategize, we will be continuing to update best practices, share ideas and raise the important questions faced by medics around the world. We have taken this step to lay the old prolonged field care working group construct to rest and form a new organization (with the same core people): the Prolonged Field Care Collective.

Podcast Episode 69: Hot Weather Injury

Hot weather injuries are an issue medics have to account for even when not deployed. ´┐╝Proper planning, recognition and treatment can greatly reduce frequency and severity of these patients and their outcomes.

Podcast Episode 63: Oxygenation, Ventilation and COVID19

Doug and Dennis talk austere management of COVID19 patients with an emphasis on strategies for oxygenation and ventilatory support. The remainder of the post is an massive amalgamation of resources I have been collecting for over a year for my own respiratory refresher.

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