Podcast 156: Training on the Ventilator with Josh

Dennis and Josh discuss ventilator training on the PFC Podcast. Josh, a former ranger medic now working in a level one ICU, shares insights. They emphasize the importance of proper ventilation in the field and address common mistakes, like setting inappropriate rates that lead to patient agitation. Josh advises cautious opioid use, balancing sedation with patient needs. They delve into adjusting PEEP, flow, and waveform, emphasizing patient synchronization. Josh highlights the significance of addressing pain, resuscitation, and lung disease simultaneously. He clarifies end-tidal CO2 readings and the role of kidneys in metabolic acidosis. Josh also stresses IV maintenance and patient assessment.

Podcast 155: Arctic TCCC with Thomas

Dennis interviews Thomas Trust Have, a former Danish Special Forces soldier turned doctor, discussing the challenges of providing medical care in Arctic environments. Thomas emphasizes the extreme conditions, highlighting a hypothetical scenario involving a special operations team enduring frigid temperatures and harsh winds. He underscores the importance of preparation, teamwork, and proper gear in these situations. Thomas also addresses medical considerations such as tourniquet use, fluid warming, and the complexity of providing care in cold conditions. The episode sheds light on the unique challenges faced by healthcare providers in remote, freezing environments.

PFC Podcast 153: FOR UNIT SURGEONS/PAs: What is a SOF Medic?

Dennis hosts a discussion with various military medics. They explain the role of Special Operations Forces (SOF) medics, emphasizing their training and responsibilities. Each guest represents different SOF units, such as Rangers, Navy SEALs, and Special Forces. They discuss the extensive training, medical capabilities, and the need for trust and support from other team members and medical professionals. The conversation highlights the unique challenges SOF medics face, as they often operate in austere environments with limited resources. Overall, the podcast sheds light on the crucial role these medics play in the continuum of patient care during missions.

PFC Podcast 152: Esketamine with PAC

Dennis welcomes his friend PAC to discuss “S-Ketamine.” PAC, an anesthetist with extensive experience, shares insights on using it in various medical settings including his experience in providing medical care during the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. He highlights its potential advantages, such as improved analgesia and reduced hallucinogenic effects in mid-doses.

Podcast 151: Mountain Rescue Medicine With Brett

Today, we’ve got Brett, a paramedic legend from El Paso County CO Search and Rescue. The mountains? Tricky business. One moment it’s beach weather, the next it’s a frigid winter wonderland – and that’s in the summer! Know what you’re packing; it’s not a weekend getaway!

Podcast 150: Emma Capnograph Deep Dive with Alex of Masimo

PFC Podcast episode 150: Dennis and Alex, dive into ETCO2 and the Emma Capnograph. Dennis chats with Alex, who’s had a colorful career, from being a 68 Whiskey and a paramedic to now working with Massimo. They discuss the Emma capnograph, a handy gadget that monitors exhaled CO2. It’s essential to…

Podcast 148 and 149: Improvised Medicine with Aebhric

Today’s podcast is part one of a chat with Aebhric O’Kelly the founder and Dean Emeritus of the College of Remote and Offshore Medicine (COROM) about Improvised medicine. I will be the first to say, as cool as it is to learn Improvised techniques, this is an emergency plan, not a way to lighten your ruck. We run through items for MARCH and principles to apply to this problem. This is only part one, so plenty more in the next episode, when we go through PFC and improvised gear.

Podcast 147: Ephraim Mattos on the Ground Truth in Burma

Dennis talks with Ephraim Mattos, Founder of Stronghold Rescue and Relief, about his work in Burma. He spent the last six months there, amidst security crises and medical emergencies. Burma’s ethnic minorities are resisting subjugation, and the mountainous borders provide relative safe areas. Still, things are pretty dire. On top of internal conflicts, there’s interference from the Russians and Chinese. On the medical front…

Podcast 146: Versed and Procedural Sedation with Kevin and Paul

This episode, is all about “Versed.” We’ve got Kevin and Paul here, chatting about patient positioning and the intricacies of using Versed, a benzodiazepine, for sedation. They touch on how different patients react to the drug, emphasizing the art of medicine over strict calculations, especially in challenging scenarios. The podcast delves into dosing strategies, dealing with hemodynamically unstable patients, and the complexities of maintaining sedation during procedures. Remember, every patient is unique, so adapt the approach accordingly.

The SOCS-P Tactical Timeout with Casper and Paul: Article, Checklist, and Episode 145 Show Notes

In our work within the domain of Special Operations medicine, situational awareness, precise coordination and effective decision-making are key factors for success.   Whether it is in the high-stakes realm of aviation or the critical environment of the operating room, the implementation of time-outs has proven to be a valuable practice. These time-outs provide a structured approach for teams to pause, reassess, and align their actions, ensuring that everyone involved is fully informed and prepared for the tasks at hand. The Tactical Time-out Format brings this concept to the SOF-medical setting…

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