Podcast Episode 30: REBOA use for PFC?! with Joe DuBose

Podcast Episode 30: REBOA use for PFC?! with Joe DuBose

Dr. Joe DuBose is an Air Force Trauma Surgeon who recognized early in his career that hemorrhage was the number one killer of potentially survivable patients. This led him to a fellowship in vascular surgery and, as Dennis put it made him a guru in the emerging technology that allows a catheter to be placed in the femoral artery and snaked up past a bleed in the pelvis, abdomen and even chest where a balloon is then inflated cutting off all blood flow Continue reading “Podcast Episode 30: REBOA use for PFC?! with Joe DuBose”

2015 Year in Review


The following is a letter from Sean sent out on our big email list.  If you’re not on the list don’t worry because it is posted here in it’s entirety.  The letter  highlights what we have done over the last year and, more importantly, what we have planned for the year to come, specifically  a whole day of Prolonged Field Care specific training

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10 Ultrasound-Guided PFC Essentials

Ultrasound: The most powerful diagnostic tool available to SOF Medics […]. It should be a top procedural skill goal for all SOF providers to become subject matter experts in point-of-care ultrasonography.

I’ve been thinking about this post for a while…  searching for the right format. And then it finally hit me! Why on earth would I re-invent the wheel, if I can channel this message through the paths you are quite familiar with!? Especially after Doug Powell gifted me such a brilliant introduction in a previous post!

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