Episode 37: PFC from the NGO Perspective With Alex Potter of GRM

Non-Governmental Organizations, Non-Profits and Volunteers have been providing critical services on the battlefield for millennia. Historically the traditional view of medical care in conflict zones was that the military focused on victory and everything else was ancillary, even care of their own wounded. Only in the last few centuries has there been an evolution of care as another focus after completing the mission. Through all of this it was often family members, clergy and Volunteers providing aid to those left to rot on historic battlefields.

These NGOs and Volunteers have recognized this gap and organized themselves into powerful coalitions that are able to go where traditional militaries cannot or will not due to political pressures. Sometimes however, there exists an overlap of traditional military presence and NGO response as the situation matures or devolves.

Alex Potter and Global Response Management positioned themselves far forward on the front lines of the battles for Mosul when times were tough and the International military and humanitarian response to the ISIS was in its infancy. Thank you GRM for your hard work and dedication. We are extremely proud of what your team accomplished and maybe even a little jealous in the bittersweet way that only those who have experienced the horrors of armed conflict can comprehend.



Big thanks to DJ for the introduction between the PFC team and GRM. Your never-ending network enriches us all.

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