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Pre-deployment checklists, cheat sheets and other resources now updated!  Everything I am posting below could help anyone who finds themselves in both actual Prolonged Field Care situations and training events.   Print the following forms and cheatsheets and get familiar with using them. These are the same things that I personally pack in my aidbags and pelican boxes along with many other SOF medics with whom we have worked and trained.  It won’t take much effort but will pay dividends later if the shit hits the fan.   Everything posted below is available on different parts of the site but I wanted to put all of this stuff in one place for you easily pick through. It may look like too much but I promise it will help, THE HARD WORK HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE BY YOUR OWN PEERS WHO HAVE LEARNED THE HARD WAY AND CONTRIBUTED TO THE SITE!

Checklists and Cheatsheets:

Download all PFC CPGs

Other Useful Links:

PFC Flowsheet v24.1 – 26JUL2022

Emergency Whole Blood Protocol

Opiate Analgesic Comparison Chart

Step by Step Surgical Checklist

SFMS Wound Management Algorithm

Guide to Surgical Procedures

SFMS Sterile Surgical Pack and Sterilizer

Procedural Anesthesia Form 517

Open Globe Eye Injury Guidelines

HIV Exposure Algorithm

CCATT Enroute Critical Care Patient Movement Record 3899L

Medical Clinic Assessment Form

PFC AAR Feedback and Data Collection Form 09Aug2017

Austere Deployment Planning:

JSOM Article Preparing for Operations in a Resource-Depleted and/or Extended Evacuation Environment -Gabe Corey

Medical Planning for Special Operations Missions


PFC Medical Planning Slides

Identify Medical Capability Gaps with the 10 Essential Capabilities Grid

Train With Your Team:

Skills Non-medical Team Members Should Know For PFC

9 Patient Scenarios

Train Yourself and Get Smart on PFC:

Click Here to Listen to the PFC Podcasts

JSOM Article-Deconstructing Prolonged Field Care

JSOM Article-Operational Context

JSOM Article 10 Core PFC Capabilities

JSOM Article-Preparing for Operations in a Resource-Depleted and/or Extended Evacuation Environment -Gabe Corey

Principles for Effective PFC

JSOM 2014 – This is Africa – Bites, Stings and Rigors – Clinical Considerations in African Operations

Blood and Fluid Resuscitation:

JSOM Article-PFC Fluid Therapy

RDCR Field Donor triage tool

Tactical Damage Control Resuscitation July 2015


PFC Fresh Whole Blood Transfusions FAQ (Nov 14)

Everything You Need to Know About Foley Catheters

Pharmacology, Analgesia and Sedation:

PFC WG Analgesia and Sedation Comments (Feb, 14)

Click to Download Opiate Analgesic Comparison Chart

MSMAID Acronym with Minimum, Batter, Best Packing List

12 Pharm Principles for SOF Medics Handout

Regional Anesthesia Priciples

Military Advanced Regional Anesthesia and Analgesia Book

SOMA 2015 PFC Lesson Learned From SOF

Airway Considerations:

PFC WG Airway Recommendations (April, 14)

Why We Need PEEP

Scott Weingarts Dominating the Ventilator Handout


Guide to Surgical Procedures

Converting and Removing Tourniquets JSOM Fall 2015 Edition

PFC WG Information Paper – Point of Care Lab Testing (December 2014)

Training and After Action Reviews:

USASOC PFCx Critical Care Comments- Powell

SOMSA 2014 AAR Comments From PFC Training (Dec 2014)

PFC Specific Hospital MPT Rotation AAR and Recommendations

SOMSA 2014 PFC Training Scenario

Medical Links


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  1. Hello Paul:

    I know the next SOMA meeting is coming up in May. Just wondered if you could remind folks that the last print edition of the Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook (SOFMH) was published in 2008, and the last SOFMH DVD edition was published in 2010. Even though I have retired now, I try to keep up with changes in military medicine, and I know that some of our published SOFMH information is now out of date. SOF medics may not even need or use hard copies or DVDs anymore, but I just wanted to remind leadership that it is probably time for updated editions if they are still using books and DVDs. Thank you!

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    Madge Gay Dews Thompson

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