Podcast 136: Front Line Update from a Ukrainian Combat Medic

If you haven’t listened already, here is your reminder to check out the latest episode where Dennis interviews a current Ukrainian Medic, Anri. This podcast is for those who will be deploying to the frontlines in Ukraine, those who are training the Ukrainian Defenders in combat medicine, or those just trying to wrap their heads around how a modern medic would treat a casualty in a WWI scenario with muddy trenches, juxtaposed with constant drone observation, Starlink satellite internet comms and long-range precision munitions that cause massive tissue loss.

Podcast 135: What’s the Best Airway?

What is the best airway for a SOF Medic? Does the setting matter?

Podcast 131: Dr. Ethan Miles on The Simple Thing That No One Does

COL (Ret) Ethan Miles MD joins Dennis to discuss the nuances of…

Podcast 130: PFC Chain of Survival Concept

MARCH-E-PAWS-B for TCCC algorithm RAVINES for PFC priorities of work PSNOT for the Chain of survival… Dennis introduces the Prolonged Field Care (PFC) Podcast 130, welcoming Alex as his guest speaker. Alex, Dan, and Rick are working on a project for the upcoming SOMSA,…

Podcast 129: Combat Medic Arctic Trauma Course

In this episode Dennis talks with Brett and Sean about the Combat Medic Arctic Course based in Alaska, the Siberia Drill and other lessons learned from working in extremely low temps. They also discuss the unique challenges and considerations involved in providing medical care in extreme cold weather conditions. They cover topics such as hypothermia, fr

Podcast (video) Episode 34: Telemedicine to Reduce Medical Risk in Austere environments

Telemedical consult is one of the most important core capabilities in a prolonged field care situation.

PFC Grand Rounds Talk at UC Davis Health

Here is a great video on PFC and the cases we helped collect from Airforce MAJ Eric DeSoucy, DO doing a Grand Rounds talk for the Department of Surgery at UC Davis.


Podcast Episode 25: Lethal Triad Trauma Class Video

Podcast Episode 19: Sepsis

If you sit on a patient long enough, infection has a greater chance of taking hold and progressing to sepsis, or you may receive a patient who has already been sick for days. Doc Jabon Ellis walks us through the full spectrum from infection…

Podcast Episode 18: Traumatic Brain Injury

“We were assigned to train the Colombian military in Reconnaissance operations. It was the rainy season, so travel was limited to trucks, ATVs, and good ol’ fashioned walking. We were about two days into our training mission/jungle slog, when we happened upon a vehicle…

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