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Category: Vidcasts

Podcast Episode 19: Sepsis

If you sit on a patient long enough, infection has a greater chance of taking hold and progressing to sepsis, or you may receive a patient who has already been […]

Podcast Episode 18: Traumatic Brain Injury

“We were assigned to train the Colombian military in Reconnaissance operations. It was the rainy season, so travel was limited to trucks, ATVs, and good ol’ fashioned walking. We were […]

Video AAR of the Jan 2016 Marjah Firefight and PFC MEDEVAC

Army Interview with SSG Matthew Decker, an Army reservist flight medic (68W F3), from Kentucky (214 Aviation Regiment/11th AviationCommand), deployed to Kandahar/Helmand Province, Afghanistan late 2015-early 2016. SSG Decker tells how he managed casualty care in a combat zone for 17 hours after his MEDEVAC aircraft was disabled.

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