Podcast 130: PFC Chain of Survival Concept

MARCH-E-PAWS-B for TCCC algorithm

RAVINES for PFC priorities of work

PSNOT for the Chain of survival…

Dennis introduces the Prolonged Field Care (PFC) Podcast 130, welcoming Alex as his guest speaker. Alex, Dan, and Rick are working on a project for the upcoming SOMSA, where they will present the idea of defining the different phases of care in PFC,

just like TCCC. They believes that the medics should think about March for taking care of their patients, where they would continue to think about March irrespective of the setting, but maybe through a different lens when they’re in PFC. Alex talks about the phases of care in prolonged field care, which are preparation, stabilization, normalization, observation, and transportation, (PSNOT) and compares them to the thought process of doctors in damage control surgery. Dennis and Alex discuss the importance of SOF medics finding time to be good at SOF medicine, and how they need to understand their true capabilities and reach out to others for help when needed.






The Prolonged Field Care Chain of Survival Concept: Podcast #130

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