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Free JSOU Book: “The Death of the Golden hour and the Return of the Guerilla Hospital” COL (RET) Warner D. “Rocky” Farr M.D.

From the Back Cover:

Colonel Warner “Rocky” Farr has made an important contribution to the body of SOF knowledge with this well-researched monograph. He advances the understanding of the many challenges and accomplishments related to guerrilla warfare medicine—care provided by predominantly indigenous medical personnel under austere conditions with limited evacuation capability— by providing a survey of the historical record in UW literature. Colonel Farr relates many historical experiences in the field, assesses their effectiveness, and lays a foundation for further in-depth study of the subject. The Joint Special Operations University is pleased to offer this monograph as a means of providing those scholars and operators, as well as policymakers and military leaders, a greater understanding of the complex and complicated field of guerrilla warfare medicine.

Download the PDF: The Death of the Golden Hour and the Return of the Guerilla Hospital -COL (RET) Warner D. Rocky Farr MD

COL (RET) Warner D. “Rocky” Farr Bio


  1. I’m a physician and would like to get this book. It is too bad that you limit this sort of information to Mil/Gov only. The rest of us have to pay. I am retired (or semi-retired, as it were) and support patients that come to me “pro-bono”. I have supported a Medical Student (Inactive Marine Scout/Sniper to where he is in he third year in Med School and will make a great Physician). Where can I look into the purchase of this volume since I have to support the Mil/Gov and pay for my own books as well? I may sound a little “miffed” but I am sure you understand what my reasoning might be.

    • The .pdf file is free for all. The printing office is only 2 gentlemen and cannot even keep up with our demand. They even asked we remove any mention of the book as it is so overwhelming for them! Enjoy the free file!

      • Can I obtain a print copy of this book? I’m a squad leader in a medical unit deploying in the next six weeks, and I coordinate much of the unit’s medical training. If this is a possibility I can give you a mailing address

        • This book, “The Death of the Golden Hour and the Return of the Future Guerilla Hospital, Report 17-10” is available from the Joint Special Operations University. Send an email to the publishers at 813-826-3674.

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