Podcast 24: Sepsis Roundtable Discussion

You have probably treated someone with an infection and likely even with someone with SIRS criteria at some point in your career.  At what point does a simple infection become concerning to the point that you should call for a teleconsult?

When does it become emergent or life threatening, demanding intervention and treatment?

How can you prevent an infection from getting to that point?

Once it becomes systemic how can you best manage a patient that meets SIRS criteria?

When can you send a guy back to his room and when should you keep a close eye on him so that he doesn’t suddenly crash and die after discharge?

At what point does sepsis turn into septic shock and become a life threatening emergency?

In this episode Dennis moderates an interesting discussion on recognition and management of sepsis in Prolonged Field Care.  We have Doug and Jaybon from the ICU, Jay from the ER perspective along with Paul providing some questions and insight on prehospital and evacuation considerations.  This is a followup to Doc Jabon Ellis’ previous sepsis video podcast so if you want to “pre-read” listen to that first.  If you just want to listen to this one and still have some questions, go back and watch that one… a coupe times.  I feel like these 2 episodes will help make you a better medic who will be able to accurately place a patient on the SIRS/SEPSIS spectrum and apply appropriate treatments before we get to life threatening septic shock or death.

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Photo Credit: 86 CCATT and AE sharpen cohesiveness by Senior Airman Devin Boyer, 86th Air Wing


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  2. Have you been following, or heard, the work being done by Dr. Paul Marik and his sepsis protocol? Interesting stuff for sure, using a vitamin C cocktail to combat the effects of sepsis, in addition to standard treatment protocols. I’ve been following this for a bit wondering if this might serve the military well.
    Q&A w/ Dr. Paul Marik
    Videos of Dr. Marik discussing his treatment.

  3. At around 17 min Doug states that mortality increases by 6-8% per hr of delay in antibiotics. Can anyone point me to the source for this?

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