New JTS AAR Submission Forms for Data Collection Trauma Registry

These singular stories are called anecdotes and while powerful and personal do not represent similar patient outcomes even in similar situations.  They are not science.  They do not take into account the vast number of variables that were present in that particular situation.  Often these stories can mislead and misinform medical practice by inexperienced medics and practitioners due to that powerful personal experience clouding that person's own judgment. Experienced providers will take the sum of their experiences and add the most current and applicable science to make the most informed decision possible.

$47 Million For Prolonged Field Care

This is an amazing opportunity for clinicians and researchers to make needed advances in the operational medicine provided far forward by our medics.You can scroll to the bottom of the page and download the entire PDF or read some of the excerpts I pulled out below, including the 3 specific focus areas to be researched: … Continue reading $47 Million For Prolonged Field Care