Podcast 139: Return to Duty

In this podcast Dennis is joined by David and Tim discussing the topic of the non-profit organization, Return to Duty, and the important work these guys are doing for our service members. David shares his background, mentioning his experience as a combat medic and his transition into the field of endoscopic spine treatment.

He talks about his own spine injury and how it led him to realize the need for better options for military members. They formed a network of trusted surgeons and started informally helping others. They discuss the challenges service members face in accessing timely and appropriate treatment, and how they aim to bridge that gap. They highlight their unique skill set in advocating for spine care and their collaboration with experienced surgeons who understand the needs of tactical athletes. They also mention the importance of early intervention, proper diagnosis, and tailored treatment plans. They’re dedicated to providing top-notch care to all service members, regardless of their location. Overall, their goal is to make a lasting impact and ensure that service members receive the care they deserve.

Visit Return to duty here: Patriotic Patient Care For Injured US Special Operations Forces (SOF) (returntoduty.us)

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