A U.S. service member sustains deep partial thickness burns to both arms and the chest while burning the trash…


  • Is the ISR Clinical Practice Guideline and included worksheet ready and available to use?
  • Will you recognize this as a life threatening burn requiring calculated fluid therapy?
  • Do you understand what the fluid of choice is?
  • Will you call for help early?
  • At what point will you take control of the airway?
  • How will you care for the airway to prevent complications?
  • If you brought a ventilator what settings will you use?
  • What other nursing precautions should be taken?
  • What is the pain control or sedation strategy for 24 hours or longer?
  • Do you have a plan to measure UOP?
  • Are you ready to place a Foley?
  • How does an escharotomy go again?
  • How will the injuries and interventions affect transport?
  • How will you relay critical information to the next medic or receiving burn team?