Podcast Episode 8: Phone a Friend – Telemedical Consult

Here’s a podcast we recorded last year. There are some key points in this that we cover in overview lectures, and continue to teach medics individually, about what we refer to as “phoning a friend.”

This should help our community understand our interpretation of the concept of “telemedicine.” At its most basic form, telemedicine is applying the common practice of consultation that we use daily in US hospitals, to the pre-hospital environment of PFC.

Justin again reminds us of the context and operational reality of care in austere situations, and Sean puts the consultation concept into perspective. This simple application of a common practice will aid in the management of complex patients, but will require a change in teaching, training, backside support, and, most importantly, the culture of SOF medical care.

We’re all in this together brothers! Let’s get on board to help our patients as best we can.


Click here to listen now!

pfc-card-v21 .pdf 24Nov2017

Telemedicine Call Script

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