Podcast Episode 7: Part 3 of the Pharm Series… Ketamine and PFC

This podcast is a direct result from questions, comments and emails we have received along the way.  It helps to clear up some confusion and explain some of the recommendations the working group first made in February of 2014.  Justin begins the episode by talking about 3 different uses of Ketamine in a prehospital or field setting;  The first as an adjunct to opiate analgesia.  The second in procedural sedation for shorter yet painful procedures.  The third for long term sedation in a Prolonged Field Care situation.  He then introduces LTC(Ret.) Jim Reed CRNA who explains field Ketamine use in each of these scenarios.

Throughout the episode several articles and the Working Group’s recommendations on Analgesia and Sedation are discussed or referenced and are included in the show notes below.

Ketamine in Prehospital Care – highlights


Svenson Ketamine For Prehospital Use AmJEmergMed 2007

Ketamine Clinical Guideline Annals of EM May, 2011

PFC WG analgesia and sedation comments (Feb, 14)

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Author: Paul


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