Podcast Episode 137: ANOTHER Great Medical Update from Ukraine from a CASEVAC Paramedic and 2 EM Physicians

Don’t miss another great update from Ukraine. This time Dennis talked to Kasia, Kyle and Denys who volunteered (or are currently volunteering) in Ukraine. Kasia, an emergency pre-hospital critical care expert, spent several months there, while Denys, a physician and medical course director, has extensive experience in training medics for the Ukrainian armed forces. Kevin, a former special agent and tactical paramedic, is currently embedded in a Ukrainian army unit conducting MEDEVAC operations. They emphasize the importance of prolonged field care (PFC) in modern warfare,…

…cautioning against applying strategies from previous conflicts to new battlefields. They share anecdotes about challenging situations and highlight the need for medical leadership, telemedicine, proper training, and logistics in PFC. The discussion emphasizes that PFC is not limited to the military and is relevant to all medical professionals in challenging environments.

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A unique perspective on the combat medical care in Ukraine by EM Physicians.

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