Podcast Episode 55: JJ and Dennis on HROs. Part 1

The principles of High Reliability Organizations are necessary in those professions where mistakes can cost lives. The airline industry is the classic example and referenced many times in the articles below. Others included are those that could result in massive loss of life such as power plants, refineries, and many industrial chemical plants. Ideally, health care organizions including operational medical programs should also fall in this category. We have a long way to go but the more of us who underatand the principles of HROs, the closer we can get to truly defining our profession in this way.

Principle #1: Preoccupation with Failure

Principle #2: Reluctance to Simplify

Principle #3: Sensitivity to Operations

Principle #4: Commitment to Resilience

Principle #5: Deference to Expertise

Listen to the podcast and read more in the resources below to really understand what this all means…

Element Rescue Quick Reference Guide: Operational Reliability

The Purpose of High Reliability Organizations Daved Van Stralen, MD

High Reliability Organizing and Leadership
Daved van Stralen, MD

Organizing for Transient Reliability:
The Production of Dynamic
Karl E. Weick

Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management

Managing the Unexpected

Jacksonville Florida
February 28, 2005
Karl Weick
Kathleen Sutcliffe

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