Podcast Episode 42: Wound Care Basics and Beyond

In this episode Dennis talks to PFC Wound Care CPG author Justin along with Surgery Instructors Jon and Rick about their experiences with austere wound care.

  1. Administer early antibiotics according to TCCC or local recommendations
  2. Resuscitate the patient
  3. Assess patient health and ability to survive any procedure
  4. Anesthetize the patient with local or regional if possible
  5. Thoroughly clean the wound
  6. Inspect the wound
  7. Debride obviously necrotic tissue if able
  8. Irrigate with copious amounts of clean water or sterile fluid
  9. Cover the wound with bulky, non-occlusive dressings
  10. Monitor patient for signs of infection

Check out our previous podcast on wound care with Rick Kelly.

Author: Paul


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