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Episode 41: The Death of the Golden Hour: SOMSA 2018 Talk, by COL (Ret.) Rocky Farr, MD

Colonel Warner “Rocky” Farr has made an important contribution to the body of SOF knowledge with this well-researched monograph. He advances the understanding of the many challenges and accomplishments related to guerrilla warfare medicine—care provided by predominantly indigenous medical personnel under austere conditions with limited evacuation capability— by providing a survey of the historical record in UW literature. Colonel Farr relates many historical experiences in the field, assesses their effectiveness, and lays a foundation for further in-depth study of the subject. The Joint Special Operations University is pleased to offer this monograph as a means of providing those scholars and operators, as well as policymakers and military leaders, a greater understanding of the complex and complicated field of guerrilla warfare medicine.

Death of the Golden Hour and the Return of the Guerilla Hospital

Download the Free PDF: The Death of the Golden Hour and the Return of the Guerilla Hospital -COL (RET) Warner D. “Rocky” Farr MD

Be sure to read about his 46 years of service starting out as a young Green Beret in Vietnam with MACVSOG, transitioning to Detachment A in Berlin and on to become a Medical Doctor and USSOCOM Command Surgeon:

COL (RET) Warner D. “Rocky” Farr TBO Article


Rocky Farr MCVSOG Vietnam

Rocky Farr in MACVSOG


COL (Ret.) Warner “Rocky” Farr while he was part of Detachment A in Berlin

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  1. Dr Colonel Rocky Farr got me into jump school at Fort Benning in 1989.
    Thanks doc.
    Retired US Army Major Mike Reisman RN CS FNP

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