Podcast 32: Doug Explains the JTS Burn Care Clinical Practice Guideline For Medics

When do you give a burn patient antibiotics? Which ones?

How do you calculate TBSA and the rule of 10s?

What do you use to guide fluid resuscitation? What fluid?

When is an escharotomy in the field appropriate?

Burns present another wound pattern that can be extremely difficult and time consuming for any level of provider to manage.  So much so that there are dedicated burn teams that will often fly to where burn patients are being held in order to get them back to the burn center in San Antonio with the best chance of survival.  We have taken the expert guidance of these critical care providers and packaged everything they have learned into a single clinical practice guideline targeted at the medic and other Role 1 Providers who might find themselves sitting on a patient at a Battalion Aid Station or team house before evacuation is available.  Initial priorities such as estimating percentage of body surface area burned, starting fluid resuscitation with the rule of 10s, foley placement along with many others may determine the mortality and morbidity of your patient.

JTS Clinical Practice Guideline on Burn Care in Prolonged Field Care

JTS PFC Burn CPG Power Point Class

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  1. You need to look at Silvapro antibacterial burn dressings. They are dry, low cube, lightweight dressings containing Silver that can be applied to burns dry and then wetted to activate cooling. Ideal for prolonded field care and more beneficial to burns and casualties than traditional dry cover dressings.

  2. These podcasts are amazing. Keep up the great work and I’m looking forward to further great content.

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