Prolonged Field Care Planning

I like Eisenhower’s quote: “Plans are useless, Planning is everything.”

Everyone knows that during a crisis your plan may fall apart. This is why the process of planning and researching is so important. It gives you options that wouldn’t otherwise exist

in your mind. All of this is probably obvious so I’ll just show you the bare minimum amount of planning I do before going anywhere new. It is a very simple yet powerful tool I wish someone would have shown me 10 years ago. If they did, they should have emphasized it better! This is what may differentiate a planned 24 hour evac time from a 54 hour nightmare. Let me know what else you would add to this or if you have a different planning tool or worksheet that works well for you.

PFC Medical Planning Tool

PFC Telemedicine v4 DOCX




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Planning’s done? Time to rehearse…

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