Podcast Episode 11: Beyond the Golden Hour: Austere Critical Care in Future Operating Environments

The following video podcast was recorded live at the JSOMTC during the July 21 2016 weekly Joint Trauma System Teleconference.  Dr. Doug Powell talks about providing critical care in austere environments.  He has been answering tough questions that medics have been asking the Prolonged Field Care Working Group for over 2 years as he simultaneously provided intensive care to sick patients in his ICU.  He has proctored and instructed more prolonged field care and other austere medical exercises than anyone I know.  He is now a Battalion Surgeon for a Special Forces Group and has a very good idea of what is required of a Special Operations Medic.  All of the downloads from the talk can be found below:

Equipment Required For an ICU in a Rucksack

Some improvised medical solutions can be found at our Tactical Medicine Collective Google Drive folder, Improvised Med Hacks.

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