SOMSA 2016 Academic Posters

This was my third time attending SOMSA and each time I seem to be more and more busy with my involvement in the working group, networking and just catching up with buddies I haven’t seen in a while.    In the past I would try and naively

read through each of the posters while trying to keep from getting distracted by all of the shiny new medic toys.  Not this time.  This time I had a strategy for getting to all of the academic posters which are strategically presented in the midst of the exhibition hall. I quickly went from poster to poster and took a picture to be viewed at a later date.  Well here I am over a week later, recovering from the festivities and just realized that I haven’t even looked through them yet!  If you haven’t been able to go this is one of the most understated parts of the conference but a place where you can learn about all of the exciting new research going on around the world targeting SOF medicine.  Basically a science fair for grown up medic nerds.  Each of the posters is about 3 feet by 4 feet wide and pinned to giant partition walls.  Since I was in a rush and hadn’t initially intended on posting these, the quality left something to be desired.  That being said I think you will find a few that you appreciate. They are in almost no particular order, almost because the one that I helped edit, the ISR VC3 poster, is at the top.  There are some great posters near the bottom so give yourself a few mins to scroll all the way to down.

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