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Here is an issue that has come up more than once over the past year.  It sparked good discussion with some great points that we will attempt to repopulate in the comment section:

“Referring to the PFC’s R-T-H-P (Ruck-Truck-House-Plane) approach, what’s the utility of carrying a transurethral catheter in a rucksack, if the next level (‘truck’) is the first where sufficient fluids are carried to sustain a patient’s fluids requirements, an hence, allow to measure output? In other words, if no fluids get in, (almost) none will get out, so why carrying  a Foley cath to measure the output? Also, even if the minimal output would be an indication of the requirement to give more fluids, if (almost) none are carried in the ruck, the utility of the catheter might be questionable.”

Another comment concerning the Foley from earlier in the year…

A Foley… Our medic experiences must have been very different. I would have liked at least 5 tourniquets.”

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