PFC Meeting Handouts

If you were one of the lucky guys packed into a small classroom yesterday, then I don’t have to tell you how great that talk was.  Mike and his guys have been tackling the issues associated with prolonged field care for a few years now and had quite a bit to tell us including his butcher block presentation on

Base Excess/Deficit.  I will be adding much of what he shared with us in future posts and practice.  He gave us a few checklists and an aid bag packing list along with the actual bag he put together.  I wish I could have snapped a couple pics for everyone, maybe in the future we can make that happen. He left us with 3 handouts which you can download below:

The first is the packing list:

PFC Aid Bag Packing list

Checklists including the TRIAEIOU Mnemonic:

PFC Checklists and Mnemonic

Last is a simple chart for trending vitals:

PFC Vitals Trend Chart

Author: Paul


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