PFC Video Series Ep 2: PFC Airway Management

Special Operations and Prolonged Field CareTactical Airway Algorithm

It’s been a while since we have posted anything but I feel the wait was worth it.  Many of us have been deployed, traveling and busy spreading the word.  Thanks to everyone who helped contribute and add advice to this lecture.  I wanted to create this lecture to simply share some information I recently became aware of and to remind medics of simple things you can do to make the care of your patient better.  I am by no means a doctor or your medical director so be sure to check with yours before using any of the procedures or doses of medications described in the lecture.  There are things in this lecture that will help the medic in both acute, tactical scenarios as well as the marathon long Prolonged Field Care situation.  If you don’t have an Heat Moisture Exchanger in the airway section of your aid bag, you need to get one.  If you don’t know what that or a Ballard suction catheter even is, you need to watch this video lecture.  I have included all the checklists I use and describe as both pictures and Word docs for you to download, print and post in your own aid station.

Click below to get the handouts and cheat sheets:

If this is useful to you send it on to other medics you know.  If you want to use any part of this lecture please do while giving credit to the proper authors I learned so much from, namely Scott Weingart, Rich Levitan, Bob Mabry, Phil Mason and the CSTARS Crews, our awesome RT Dale Krizinski, Cliff Reid and the NAP4 study he did such a great job breaking down for us.


Download the Lecture as a Power Point Presentation for Future Viewing

Special Operations and Prolonged Field CareTactical Airway AlgorithmSpecial Operations Tactical and Prolonged Field Care Airway Algorithm Power Point Slide

Awake Cricothyroidotomy Checklist

Awake Cricothyroidotomy Checklist

Post Cric Checklist

Post Cric Checklist

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