ISR CPGs: An Invaluable Resource

United States Army Institute of Surgical Research (USAISR)Joint Theater Trauma System (JTTS)Clinical Practice Guidelines(CPGs)

That is a mouthful of words that may cause many of us to move along in search of something more sexy.


These are absolute gold.

Click the image below to go to the site now or read more if you’re not convinced.

ISR Header

Download all the CPGs here now in a zip file


Download all the Corresponding CPG Slideshows in a separate zip file

46 guidelines and corresponding slideshows for practitioners of all skill levels in all theaters have been put together by the brightest minds the Army could fit in one place.  I’ll refer to the CPG on burn care as it is, in my opinion, their masterpiece.

Burn Care CPG

Step by step instructions including checklists and flowsheets for anyone to follow.  And if that wasn’t easy enough, there is a 14 page slideshow that helps break down the important concepts further as well as slideshows for each individual CPG.

CPG Burn Care Slideshow Presentation

In the burn care CPG there are two distinct sections, besides the appendices, that deal with both coalition soldier care and indigenous personnel, the latter assuming that you will be the definitive care provider for your host nation casualty.  Both sections utilize the nursing care documentation and flowsheet which are provided at the end as appendix A and B respectively.  The flowsheet emphasizes that the practitioner closely monitor both fluids given and the urine output.  The nursing care checklist is burn care specific and a template to put times to procedures.  From a medic’s perspective I can see using this in conjunction with telemedicine in a prolonged field care scenario where both the caller and adviser have an identical copy of the blank sheet and fill

Some of these are a little over m mn’mmny head as a medic in either scope of practice or equipment used which doesn’t matter.  You will know what “right” looks like and have the opportunity to strive to give that level of care.  These make for great classes either while deployed or back in the rear during NTM’s or other provider led classes.  If your Doc or PA doesn’t know about these, stick em on a thumb drive and get it to them.  If you are a Doc or PA, this is what medics are hungry for, higher level classes that improve our knowledge and awareness of the best care we can give our patients.  I keep hard copies in a folder and both digital CPGs and Slideshows in my Kindle and on a hard drive.

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