After many, many hours of work collaborating, recording, editing and coding, Prolonged Field Care is live to be downloaded and especially subscribed-to from iTunes!  This is another huge leap forward for us in reaching medics with the information they will need.  With a long drive to work I normally listen to SMACC, EMCrit, or other critical care or emergency medicine podcasts.  As a medic many of them are good to hear and have great info but often don’t apply to my scope of practice or environment I operate in.  These podcasts are hosted by an 18D Medic, interviewing Doctors and nurses of all specialties with the unique challenges we face when taking care of our buddies and partner forces in the worst circumstances with little or no help.

This is exactly what I need as an independent medic in an austere environment. 

If you can’t tell, I’m pretty excited about this.  Subscribe now!  Share it with all your medical colleagues and invite them to subscribe also!

Help us get this information to the people who need it.

Right now, before you forget, click the icon below and subscribe or follow the instructions below


Open the iTunes store and type “prolonged field care” in the search bar. It is the only thing that comes up and you will recognize or familiar logo by now.

Click on “Get” on the right side.

Our iTunes page will come up with a subscribe button just below the logo.

Click “subscribe” and each time Justin uploads a new podcast to our libsyn site it will automatically upload to iTunes and what ever device you set it to.

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