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Podcast Episode 19: Sepsis

If you sit on a patient long enough, infection has a greater chance of taking hold and progressing to sepsis, or you may receive a patient who has already been […]

Podcast Episode 18: Traumatic Brain Injury

“We were assigned to train the Colombian military in Reconnaissance operations. It was the rainy season, so travel was limited to trucks, ATVs, and good ol’ fashioned walking. We were […]

Podcast Episode 16: Sedation

Being able to calm and sedate patient in operational or prolonged field care situations may be a valuable skill.  Here are our thoughts on sedating your patients when patient comfort […]

Deployment Downloads

Pre-deployment checklists, cheat sheets and other resources now updated!  Everything I am posting below could help anyone who finds themselves in over their heads

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Prolonged Field Care for the New Year

PFC community, I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy, fruitful (safe) Year in 2017! This past year has proved to be a tremendous transition for the […]

SFMS / SOCM Prolonged Field Care Card

This is the newest version (v22.2) of the single page Prolonged Field Care Card.  It is in use in both the Special Forces Medical Sergeant (SFMS) Course as well as […]

Prolonged Field Care Planning

I like Eisenhower’s quote: “Plans are useless, Planning is everything.” Everyone knows that during a crisis your plan may fall apart. This is why the process of planning and researching […]

MEDAUSA Symposium

Post on the PFC Truths If you can’t bring the patient back to the capability you must bring the capability to the patient. -Sean Our working group has identified 10 […]

MAJ Jonathan Monti, EMPA, teaches medics in the 82nd Airborne Division how to use ultrasound.

Prolonged Field Care Classes for 68Ws

This post is for the both the PA charged with training medics in the Battalion Aid Station as well as the medic with the initiative to take their medical education

THOR Fresh Whole Blood Triage and Screening Tool

The Trauma Hemostasis and Oxygenation Research (THOR) Group has recently published an evidence-informed emergency donor panel questionnaire and triage tool that can be used for screening potential donors in contingency situations.

SOLCUS @ JTS Tele-Conference #500

As promised, here it is – the SOLCUS talk on ultrasound education in special operations medicine. It was given at the Joint Trauma System Combat Casualty Tele-Conference # 500, on Feb 18th, 2016. Once again – many […]

The PFC Truths

The Original SOF Truths were created to inform those both in, as well as out of, Special Operations not entirely familiar with the operating conditions faced in  uncertain environments. This […]

Tactical Damage Control Resuscitation

This article is a nice review of where we are (U.S. – and Norwegian – SOF) now in implementing a FWB program. It also gives good background and a simple […]

Eye Emergencies in Prolonged Field Care

Download the 2016 JTS Ocular Injury Management in PFC Clinical Practice Guideline Eye emergencies are one of the big 3 concerns; life, limb or eye sight. This will be the […]

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