Create a Prioritized Care Plan

Building prioritized care plans has completely changed and revolutionized the way I think about medicine and treating casualties. Before this my thoughts were rather chaotic, attempting to “put out fires,” […]


I hate not knowing an acronym.  In my line of work acronyms are language and the ignorance of one normally results in the ignorance of entire programs or departments.  FOAMed […]


After many, many hours of work collaborating, recording, editing and coding, Prolonged Field Care is live to be downloaded and especially subscribed-to from iTunes!  This is another huge leap forward […]

Telemedicine Issues

Who should medics call for help while managing a critical patient for prolonged periods of time?  Different aspects of this have been discussed via different forums such as the SOMSA lunchtime […]

Recommended Research?

What research would help Medics on the ground provide better care to sick patients in an austere, environment today?  Has anyone ever told you any dogma that you hear but question and […]

Measure of Resuscitation

What measurement or technology, knowing BP measures aren’t always best, and mental status and peripheral pulses aren’t reliable, would be reasonable to field medics as a measure of resuscitation?  Would […]

Analgesia and Sedation

One of the original papers written in Feb of 2014 remains extremely pertinent and one that I have gone back to reference time and time again. Download it now or read […]

Eye Emergencies in Prolonged Field Care

Download the 2016 JTS Ocular Injury Management in PFC Clinical Practice Guideline Eye emergencies are one of the big 3 concerns; life, limb or eye sight. This will be the […]

PFC Scenario Script

This script is a customizable situation that any provider should be able to pick up and immediately understand.  I will post a link to download it in full as well as […]

Case Discussion #3: Fall With Lung injury

Carl sustains a Blunt LUNG injury from a fall from height. He complains of rib pain, but no obvious fractures. Other than tachycardia, his initial vital signs are within normal parameters.  Four hours into […]

Case Discussion #1: GSW w/TQ

Just as a rehearsal of a tactical operation will prepare the operator to better deal with contingencies, discussing and talking through realistic, hypothetical, medical scenarios will give the medic a […]