Podcast 24: Sepsis Roundtable Discussion

You have probably treated someone with an infection and likely even with someone with SIRS criteria at some point in your career. At what point does a simple infection become concerning to the point that you should call for a teleconsult? When does it become emergent or life threatening, demanding intervention and treatment?

Podcast 23: Clinical Practice Guidelines for the SOF Medic

While at the 2017 Remote Damage Control Resuscitation(RDCR) conference put on by the Tactical Hemostasis, Oxygenation and Resuscitation(THOR) network in Norway, Sean took the time to corner Dr. Shackleford to get her thoughts on the Joint Trauma System Clinical Practice Guidelines. Be sure to check out the new JTS Facebook, LinkedIn Pages, Instagram and Twitter feeds and YouTube Channel for more updates.

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Podcast 22: On Blood, Geir Strandenes at SOMSA 2017

Are you familiar with the concept of oxygen debt or oxygen deficit?  What constitutes a "dose" of shock?  What systolic BP constitutes hypotension on the battlefield?  Where did the concept of permissive hypotension come from?  Is it still valid? How long can fresh whole blood last? Blood Transfusions were a huge topic at this year's meeting in Charlotte with no less than 3 major speakers giving multiple talks on the subject. This talk was recorded during the Prolonged Field Care Pre-Conference Lab during the Special Operations Medicine and Scientific Assembly(SOMSA) by Dr. Geir Strandenes.

Podcast Episode 21: Optimizing Ventilation

The Special Operations Medical Association Podcast on Prolonged Field Care is back with a new episode on a long awaited topic, traumatic ventilation.  We were finally able to corner a real, […]

Podcast Episode 19: Sepsis

If you sit on a patient long enough, infection has a greater chance of taking hold and progressing to sepsis, or you may receive a patient who has already been […]

Podcast Episode 16: Sedation

Being able to calm and sedate patient in operational or prolonged field care situations may be a valuable skill.  Here are our thoughts on sedating your patients when patient comfort […]

Deployment Downloads

Pre-deployment checklists, cheat sheets and other resources now updated!  Everything I am posting below could help anyone who finds themselves in over their heads

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Prolonged Field Care for the New Year

PFC community, I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy, fruitful (safe) Year in 2017! This past year has proved to be a tremendous transition for the […]

SFMS / SOCM Prolonged Field Care Card

This is the newest version (v22.2) of the single page Prolonged Field Care Card.  It is in use in both the Special Forces Medical Sergeant (SFMS) Course as well as […]

GSW to Lower Extremity: PFC Case Discussion 7

Our case discussions are provided to get you, the medic or provider, to think about treatment and logistical issues.  The following case is a ‘simple’ scenario constructed to get you […]

Prolonged Field Care Planning

I like Eisenhower’s quote: “Plans are useless, Planning is everything.” Everyone knows that during a crisis your plan may fall apart. This is why the process of planning and researching […]

MEDAUSA Symposium

Post on the PFC Truths If you can’t bring the patient back to the capability you must bring the capability to the patient. -Sean Our working group has identified 10 […]

PFC Sponsored by SOMA

The Special Operations Medical Association (SOMA) was founded in 1992.   It now consists of hundreds of members in pre-hospital, tactical, wilderness, austere, disaster and deployed medicine.  The primary goal […]

MAJ Jonathan Monti, EMPA, teaches medics in the 82nd Airborne Division how to use ultrasound.

Prolonged Field Care Classes for 68Ws

This post is for the both the PA charged with training medics in the Battalion Aid Station as well as the medic with the initiative to take their medical education

THOR Fresh Whole Blood Triage and Screening Tool

The Trauma Hemostasis and Oxygenation Research (THOR) Group has recently published an evidence-informed emergency donor panel questionnaire and triage tool that can be used for screening potential donors in contingency situations.

SOMSA 2016 Academic Posters

Basically a science fair for grown up medic nerds. Each of the posters is about 3 feet by 4 feet wide and pinned to giant partition walls.

JTS Combat Medic Teleconference

The 500th weekly  Joint Theater Trauma System Trauma Teleconference out of San Antonio featured our own SOLCUS Point of Injury Ultrasound curriculum.  It was specifically geared to the level of enlisted SOF medics and up.  […]

Video AAR of the Jan 2016 Marjah Firefight and PFC MEDEVAC

Army Interview with SSG Matthew Decker, an Army reservist flight medic (68W F3), from Kentucky (214 Aviation Regiment/11th AviationCommand), deployed to Kandahar/Helmand Province, Afghanistan late 2015-early 2016. SSG Decker tells how he managed casualty care in a combat zone for 17 hours after his MEDEVAC aircraft was disabled.

2015 Year in Review

The following is a letter from Sean sent out on our big email list.  If you’re not on the list don’t worry because it is posted here in it’s entirety.  The […]

Foley in the Aidbag??? Open Mic Post

Here is an issue that has come up more than once over the past year.  It sparked good discussion with some great points that we will attempt to repopulate in […]


The U.S. Institute Of Surgical Research Joint Trauma Service and PFC Working Group need your help: The JTS is working to conduct a retrospective case review relating to PFC in […]

The PFC Truths

The Original SOF Truths were created to inform those both in, as well as out of, Special Operations not entirely familiar with the operating conditions faced in  uncertain environments. This […]

Tactical Damage Control Resuscitation

This article is a nice review of where we are (U.S. – and Norwegian – SOF) now in implementing a FWB program. It also gives good background and a simple […]

PFC Meeting Handouts

If you were one of the lucky guys packed into a small classroom yesterday, then I don’t have to tell you how great that talk was.  Mike and his guys […]