Ukraine: Podcast Episode 101

Dennis had the honor of interviewing Dr. John Quinn who’s on the ground working Role 1 medical operations for an NGO somewhere in Ukraine.

The lessons being learned by John and others during the early days of this conflict

and the past 8 years can be used to help those on the ground now and into the future. This is an amazing opportunity to stay informed of current events and prepare ourselves by narrowing expectations and tweaking training.

During the interview John stated that anything that can be done to further enable FWB availability and knowledge would be greatly appreciated.  In particular, when asked what we could translate, he asked for: Damage Control Resuscitation guidelines to be translated, Prehospital Blood guidelines, anything on Damage Control Surgery for non-surgeons (they have a lot of OB/GYNs and others like OMFS functioning as DCS surgeons at Role 2s).  He also stated that they’re seeing a TON of TBI “walking wounded” and anything on mild to moderate TBI management would be great.

When asked about a trauma registry, John stated that the Ministry of Health is attempting to catalogue all civilian casualty numbers.  The Ministry of Defense is VERY close-hold with any info and it would be very hard to elicit the ground truth there for the time being.

John stated that many organizations are using the TCCC cards and all documentation is trying to be written in BOTH Ukranian and English, due to the large number of non-native providers helping in country. They LOVE DeployedMedicine, the translation of TCCC and Emergency War Surgery and absolutely look to US and NATO standards of care.  

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