Joint Trauma System Newsletter Update

The Joint Trauma System and Defense Committees on Trauma are made up of several committees including the

Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CoTCCC), the Committee on EnRoute Combat Casualty Care (CoERCCC) and the Committee on Surgical Combat Casualty Care (CoSCCC). These committees, along with the other branches of the JTS, strive to share lessons learned, data, research and form recommendations to DoD medical communities.

In particular, this newsletter:

-Explains the new position paper on small single-surgeon teams

-Illustrates the CCMD Dashboard and training

-Details the rebuilding of he DoD Trauma Registry

-Reviews data on search and rescue missions

-Provides links to studies based on DoDTR data

-Identifies a path to improve Highly Perishable Missions Essential Medical Skills(HPMEMS) Training

Provides even more links to articles which impacted COMBAT CASUALTY CARE

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