SFMS / SOCM Prolonged Field Care Card


This is the newest version (v22.2) of the single page Prolonged Field Care Card.  It is in use in both the Special Forces Medical Sergeant (SFMS) Course as well as the Special Operations Combat Medic Course (SOCM) at the Joint Special Operations Medical Training Center (JSOMTC) at Fort Bragg.  Print it out, laminate it and stick it in the back of your aid bag.  It takes up almost no space and weight and it’ll be there for you when you run out of space on your TCCC card.

PFC Card v22.2 1Dec2020 PDF

PFC Card v22.2 1Dec2020 Excel

In the spirit of sharing as many versions of PFC flowsheets as possible, here are a few other documents currently in use by medics around the world.  We strongly recommend that if you don’t use one of the forms presented, you prepare and carry something created specifically for a PFC event, preferably something with a graph with which to visually trend vital signs.

Army Standard Form 511 Vital Signs Record

Army Standard Form 511 Vital Signs Record

CCATT 3899 FrontCCATT 3899 Back

CCATT Enroute Critical Care Patient Movement Record 3899L

Link to CCATT Documentation Download Web Page

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