Here is a message from one of our brothers serving in Germany. I copy and pasted verbatim so that you don’t miss any nuances. My thoughts will be pasted as a new comment after the post to get some discussion going.  Please speak up and let us know what we forgot!

“I’m a paramedic with the german navy specops for 10 years. I am TCCC instructor (NAEMT) and cooperate with CAE operating the CAESAR Simulator.
In many possible situations we find a need for Prolonged Care Skills.
I attended SOMSA last week but found no clear recommendations due to this stage of care, not as strict and far forward like for CUF and TFC.
This website gives a lot to read and that’s fantastic. But do you have a documentation form for prolonged care? Do you have a paper that defines the topics for special prolonged care training? I mean for me as a paramedic who has served in mountainous mission areas as well it’s pretty clear what skills are basically needed. But maybe i forgot some topics.
Can you help me out?
Big thanks for your hard work in this topic!”