SOMSA 2016 Conference


SOMSA 2016

The Prolonged Field Care Working Group worked around the clock in preparation for all of our presentations which will be held at SOMSA 2016. It is so big that we created it’s own page which will able you to hone in on all of the talks, labs, podcasts and presentations that were held throughout the week.  If you didn’t make it, don’t worry,  SOMA ponied up a large amount of cash for a real AV team to record each of the talks and lab stations which I will be directing, editing and posting here for the world to hear in the weeks following the conference.   We have a great team of experienced and respected instructors including specialists in the respective field of instruction paired up with active duty senior SOF medics who are well versed and experienced in Prolonged Field Care capabilities.

The  titles below which have a strikethrough line have not been recorded or are not ready to be released yet.  As they are edited and released they will appear here as valid links to a corresponding post that will also appear on the main page of the website along with notifications on all of our other social media outlets.  Each of the lab stations will likely have handouts and resources for each respective station.  That material will be linked below for download prior to the course, no matter if the podcast or blog post has been released.  Stay tuned.  This will give everyone a good idea on what topics to expect and keep your interest as I edit the presentations.

Homework and Scott Weingart Podcast Interview on Ketamine for PFC

Pre-Conference Lab Agenda

Academic Posters

Ultrasound as an Adjunct

Resuscitation and Trending

*New* Analgesia and Sedation *New*

Scott Weingart Q&A Recorded Live

PFC Training Update

Operational Issues and Open Discussion

PFC Panel Discussion

Static Display of Optimal “House” Care

Prep for Flight

Telemedicine and Patient Handoffs