Clinical Practice Guidelines for Prehospital Prolonged Field Care

The following Clinical Practice guidelines(CPGs) were written for the SOF Medic and above operating in austere and/or resource constrained environments. All presume the provider has a mastery in TCCC as recommended by the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care before attempting PFC. Prolonged field care is a

situation you find yourself in, planned or not. The following CPG’s were meant to give you every chance at providing the best possible care in the worst situations. All will first be published in the Journal of Special Operations Medicine first so make sure your subscription is up to date. Shortly thereafter they will be posted here as well as on our section of the Joint Trauma System website.

Podcast, “What are Clinical Practice Guidelines”

  1. Analgesia Sedation Management PFC 11 May 2017
  2. Burn Wound Management PFC 13 Jan 2017
  3. Crush Syndrome Management PFC 28 Dec 2016
  4. Damage Control Resuscitation PFC 01 Oct 2018
  5. Documentation Prolonged Field Care 13 Nov 2018
  6. Nursing Care Prolonged Field Care 22 Jul 2018
  7. Ocular Injuries Vision-Threatening Conditions PFC 01 Dec 2017
  8. TBI Management PFC 6 Dec 2017
  9. Wound Management PFC 24 Jul 2017

Coming soon:

  • Sepsis, Recognition and Treatment
  • Austere Airway


  • Prepare for Flight Committee on Enroute Casualty Care(CoERCC)?
  • Thoracic Injuries
  • Abdominal Injuries