Articles and Position Papers

The following position papers are official recommendations written and edited over months of discussions. You can click each one to download and read it.  Some of the papers have their own blog posts which have pretty good discussions in the comments section. If you are interested in leaving feedback for any of these you can leave it here, at the bottom, or in the corresponding post, if it exists.

Position Paper-Operational Context JSOM Fall 2015 Edition

Position Paper-10 Core PFC Capabilities JSOM Fall 2015 Edition

Position Paper-Teleconsultation JSOM Fall 2017 Edition

Recommendation-Converting and Removing Tourniquets JSOM Fall 2015 Edition

Recommendation-PFC Fluid Therapy JSOM Spring 2016 Edition

Recommendation-PFC WG analgesia and sedation comments (Feb, 14)

Recommendation-PFC WG Airway recommendations (April, 14)

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