Almost all of these have appeared-in, or starred-in, their own Blog post which you can see by scrolling down the home page. The posts will give you better context to why they are included but if you want to quickly scan through what we have available, this is a far easier way to do it. Almost everything here is included in the DropBox link on the right as well.

PFC Casualty Card v19

Medical Planning Tool

10 Essential Capabilities Grid

PFC Priorities RAVINE Mnemonic

12 Pharm Principles for SOF Medics Handout

MSMAID Acronym with Minimum, Better, Best Packing List

SORT Prolonged Field Care Nursing Checklist

44 Patient Mass Casualty Triage Tracker

Create a Care Plan Slide Show

Awake Cricothyroidotomy Checklist

Post Cric Checklist

Zoll/Impact 731 ventilator Cheat Sheet

Old Eagle Impact 752 Ventilator Cheat Sheet (Rule of 5s)

Scott Weingart’s Dominating the Ventilator Handout

Everything You Need to Know About Foley Catheters

Open Globe Eye Injury Guidelines

PFC Specific Hospital MPT Rotation AAR and Recommendations

TBI MACE Exam Card

Emergency Whole Blood Protocol

Skills Non-medical Team Members Should Know For PFC

Preparing for Operations in a Resource-Depleted and/or Extended Evacuation Environment -Gabe Corey

Click to Download PFC Scenario Used at SOMSA 2014

Patient Scenario

One way to run a Prolonged Field Care Scenario with references included

Malaria Treatment Protocol ver 1 4

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