Deployment Downloads

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Prolonged Field Care Card

This is the newest version (v24.1) of the single page Prolonged Field Care Card.   Print it out, laminate it and stick it in the back of your aid bag.  It takes up almost no space and weight and it’ll be there for you when you run out of space on your TCCC card.

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Prolonged Field Care Planning

I like Eisenhower’s quote: “Plans are useless, Planning is everything.”

Everyone knows that during a crisis your plan may fall apart. This is why the process of planning and researching is so important. It gives you options that wouldn’t otherwise exist

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THOR Fresh Whole Blood Triage and Screening Tool

Not all blood programs are created equal.  For Fresh Whole Blood (FWB) transfusions in an operational environment, Read More

Principles for Practicing Effective Prolonged Field Care


After witnessing certain trends from participating in, and observing many training scenarios and AARs.  These principals glare at me each time I watch a medic go through a PFC

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Eye Emergencies in Prolonged Field Care

Open Globe Injury

Download the 2016 JTS Ocular Injury Management in PFC Clinical Practice Guideline

Eye emergencies are one of the big 3 concerns; life, limb or eye sight. This will be the first of many installments on PFC specific eye recommendations, Open Globe Injuries. It is presented in a Power Point presentation for easy down load and printing for future reference. This was submitted out of the blue while we were at SOMSA 2014 by a PFCWG partner and a welcomed addition to our reference material.

Download Open Globe Injury Management Graphic

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