Due Outs are issues that we have identified without complete or perfect answers. This is our attempt to crowd source ideas and solutions from as many different perspectives as possible.  If you are a medic, this is your opportunity to speak up and let your surgeons or director know what could work for you.  If you are a provider and have had success with something, please let us know.  Our medics are asking for this.  One of the problems discussed during different conversations was engaging and educating medics, in Prolonged Field Care topics, who already have an overflowing plate or who may be deployed or busy with other training requirements. One thing we tried at our own unit was that of the working lunch discussion.  Many medics voiced concern because they could not even make it to a quick weekly lunch session. Another idea was that of a weekly email quiz.

A periodic case study, real or hypothetical, with discussion questions may work as well.  Video AARs with a link to a discussion thread might work if you had a decent internet connection.  With all the junk in my inbox everyday, I feel it would be refreshing to see something relevant and useful.  It would be great to see as much cross agency and unit participation as possible.  Volunteers??? Please throw your ideas out there and let’s see what sticks!